What Doctors Don’t Want You to Know

If you noticed some of the signs and symptoms that we discussed in the last chapter, it is likely that you headed straight to your doctor in order to get diagnosed and to learn what you need to do in order to treat diabetes. Perhaps you were in for a regular checkup, and your doctor decided to get you tested (either because of some of the symptoms you were describing, or to be on the safe side). Either way, you may be dealing with a diabetes diagnosis and looking to your doctor for answers.

Most of us assume that we can to trust our doctor. We feel that they have the education and the knowledge to take care of us and we hope, especially if we have been with a particular doctor for a long time, that they are going to put our interests first and give us the right treatment. Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case, and there are many reasons why our doctor may choose to just put us on a medications and hope that this works.

Sometimes, doctors truly believe what they are taught in med school about diabetes and feel that medications are the only way to solve the issue. Other times they may feel that this is the easiest way to help you when they are too busy with work to spend any more time with you. Some may even be getting a nice trip to some exotic locale as an incentive from the pharmaceutical companies, so they will take any chance they can to prescribe certain medications, regardless of whether they think it is going to be the cure that you need. This can lead to the pharmaceutical companies becoming rich off their new lifelong customer (you), and you getting sicker and even more dependent on medications over time.