The truth about insulin

Many times, when the medications are no longer working properly for you, it will be time to go to the next level, insulin injections. Right away, this should send up some red flags for people who are dealing with insulin-resistant diabetes. With this option, your body is producing insulin, the cells are just not responding to it. Do you really think that adding more insulin is going to solve this issue? Unfortunately, millions of people do, and they end up flooding their bodies with far more insulin than is needed.

There are a lot of issues that can come from taking in insulin in high levels, something that is easy to do when your body is producing its own insulin and you are taking injections of this hormone. Taking in insulin at these high of levels may cause:

  • the patient to age prematurely, which results in shortened life expectancy.
  • the patient to gain weight at an even faster rate than before starting on insulin injections.
  • more issues with insulin resistance.
  • the patient to deal with more issues with higher blood pressure.
  • lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • increase the risk of developing cancer.

These are just some of the issues that will start showing up when you deal with high levels of insulin. In Type-1 diabetes, it may be helpful to take in insulin injections because your body isn’t producing insulin at all, but with Type-2, your body produces plenty, it is just not responding to it. Adding in more of the insulin is just going to make the issue worse and will speed up the harmful side effects of diabetes rather than helping it out.