The top 9 foods that help reverse diabetes

If you are looking for some great foods that will make it easier to clean out the body and help with the diabetes, there are many great options that are available to you. Some of the best options include:

  • Bitter melon: The first food that you can add into your diet to help with diabetes is bitter melon, which can be found in Asian grocery stores. This is a unique fruit and vegetable combination that has been used both as a medicine and as a food. While the taste is going to be quite bitter and hard to handle for some, it contains three substances that are able to help fight diabetes, including charantin, which studies have confirmed have an effect on lowering glucose levels in the blood. The best way to incorporate bitter melon into your diet is stir-fry. Just Google “bitter melon recipes” and you’ll find some delicious ways to enjoy this amazing vegetable.
  • Cinnamon: Studies have shown that cinnamon is able to reduce your blood glucose, as well. A study followed volunteers who had up to 6 grams of cinnamon a day for forty days. At the end of the study, the volunteers saw a drop in their blood sugars levels of about 24 percent.
  • Apple cider vinegar: If you consume apple cider vinegar after you finish your meals and at bed time, you may be able to limit the levels of you blood glucose. You simply need to combine 20 grams of ACV with some water and a bit of Stevia if you need to make this taste better, and you are set to go.
  • Raw potato starch: Raw potato starches have a lot of great fiber and other nutrients in them, and they can help you to feel full after the meal without feeling worn down or adding in a lot of extra sugars to the body. Add some of these into the meal and you will see a difference.
  • Green smoothies: Green smoothies are a great way to get a lot of healthy vitamins and nutrients that you need for the day into your body. They can balance out the blood sugar levels in the morning because they help to make you feel full without all the sugars and extra calories. You can even add in a bit of fruit to the green smoothies if you want to enhance the taste.
  • Green tea: Green tea has been around for years and there are so many great benefits to it. First, you can use green tea as a way to help you relax and feel calm throughout the day. Reducing stress is a great way to deal with your high blood sugars. In addition, some of the antioxidants contained in green tea will help take care of the sugars and get them out so that the body can begin to repair.
  • Brown rice and quinoa: If you are going to consume carbs, you need to make sure that they are complex carbs that will fill you up so that they won’t be converted into more sugars in your body. Brown rice and quinoa have a lot of added nutrients, without all the bad stuff, that can help you to feel satisfied at the end of the day, and they work well with many of the meals that you prepare.
  • Berries: If you are going to choose fruits to consume, stick with berries. These have a lot of the sweetness that you are looking for, which can be helpful when you have cravings for something sweet but don’t want to cheat on the diet, without having too much sugar. Plus, berries are really good at adding lots of antioxidants to your diet, which your body is going to need at this time.
  • Coconut oil: Adding oils to the cooking that you do can make it easier than ever to get the meal done and to make it taste good. When it comes to fighting off diabetes, it is best to go with coconut oil, because it has shown to be the best for controlling your glucose levels.

These are just a few of the foods that you will be able to consume in order to help deal with Type-2 diabetes. Mixing in a wide range of different foods is a great way to make sure that you don’t get bored with the diet, that you are getting a wide variety of nutrition each day. This can go a long way in reversing the effects of Type-2 diabetes on your body.