The Lies You Hear About Diabetes

The Lies You Hear About Diabetes

Many of those who suffer from diabetes are told lies, or at least led to believe those lies, about diabetes being a life-long untreatable, debilitating disease. Patients feel they are stuck with it for life and that they’ll never be able to get rid of it. They will have to take prescription drugs without any hope that things will improve. This is just not the happiest news and can really leave you defeated and wondering why you should even try making changes to your lifestyle if nothing will improve?

There are three lies that your doctors, as well as the big pharmaceutical companies, don’t want you to know about. If patients started to know these things and use them, it could really change the amount of money that these two groups make on the millions who suffer from diabetes. The biggest lies that you will hear include:

  • When you develop Type-2 diabetes, you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. No amount of dietary changes, exercise, or even medications, will ever make this go away.
  • You are going to need to start living the life of a diabetic, and this will continue until you die. This means that you will need to take the drugs for diabetes and inject yourself with insulin for the rest of your life.
  • The prescription drugs that your doctor sends you home with are the best, and sometimes considered the only solution to diabetes. If you take these drugs, you are going to live a healthy and happy life. If you should ever stop taking them, you are sure to die early.

The problem these are all fundamental lies. If you continue to keep living the same unhealthy lifestyle that you have enjoyed all these years, yes, you will be stuck with diabetes for life. On the other hand, if you make some changes to your lifestyle and work hard, it is very possible to reverse diabetes. Yes, you can even get rid of the insulin monitoring systems, the testing supplies, and the likes.

In addition, big pharma wants you to become dependent on their drugs. They make a lot of money from diabetic patients and insurance companies, so they want to spread as many lies as possible about their medications to keep you hooked. They will even reward doctors who agree to prescribe their drugs, adding more incentive for the doctor to give you a pill (and keep you on it) rather than help you in a more natural way. These pills often just mask the issue and never really fix the problem. Many times you’ll need to take more medication to overcome the side effects of the initial set of prescriptions…can you see how this is a vicious cycle? Without changing your lifestyle, you could be dependent on these drugs forever, and it could be causing other long-term damages to your body that you didn’t even realize were possible.

So how do the big pharmaceutical companies do it?

Most of us consider ourselves educated and would think before we jump into something or start taking expensive medications daily. Still, for some reason, countless people are on unnecessary medications, and we are paying monthly so that the big executives at these companies can go on their vacations and have and enjoy the good life. How are we being convinced to make these purchases, when just a little research could help us to avoid these pitfalls and get us back on track with healthier alternatives?

First, these medications are being prescribed by our doctors. When a doctor tells us we need to take these medications, we’re typically conditioned to listen. Most of us trust our doctors, and we believe they are giving us the best advice possible. Therefore, when we’re given the prognosis, and we fear dying from diabetes, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and more, we have the tendency to believe that drugs will prolong our lives and keep us healthy.

Now, those are the side effects of living with diabetes, and we are told that we need to take the drugs if we want relief from the symptoms and stay healthy. Most of the time, we don’t even stop to consider that the side effects of taking these medications can sometimes be worse than diabetes. The side effects from diabetes drugs can include heart failure, vomiting, a weakened immune system, a higher risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, liver issues, and hepatitis. Considering these medications are supposed to be helping you, there are quite a few side effects that could kill you much faster than diabetes itself.

We take these drugs because we think they’re going to help us get healthier. We assume that if we stay on them just a bit longer, the diabetes will get eventually get better. Study after study, however, has proven that treating diabetes with just medications is not effective at stopping the disease’s progression. Over time, those who are on these medications will be prescribed higher and higher dosages. This is going to make the pharmaceutical companies wealthier (they want to squeeze every dollar out of you in the process), but reality is prescription drugs will eventually make your health worse.

When these medications start to fail, the doctor will start prescribing other options for diabetes. Often this includes not only more drugs, but also insulin injections. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how well you follow the directions for these medications, your health will only deteriorate. These drugs, as well as the insulin, will start to fail you sooner or later.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, you can’t just continue with your current lifestyle and expect different results. The drugs won’t be much help except make you sicker, and eventually, the complications will be worse than the diabetes on its own. The true method of healing diabetes will not come from little pills that your doctor prescribes.  It will come from understanding the root cause of your diabetes. It is also important to recognize that the drugs you are taking will treat the symptoms of the disease, but not the cause. This means that while you may be feeling better, the disease is still there, causing havoc to your body, and the medications won’t help with that.

Let’s look at it this way. When you get a broken bone, is it enough to treat the bleeding and take some pills to get rid of the pain? Sure, you can use bandages to stop the bleeding, and there are painkillers that will help with some of the pain, but are you really better? No, you can take all the medication in the world, but if you don’t set the bone and get a cast on it, you still have a broken bone, right? The same thing is happening when you take diabetes medications; you are going to feel a little better, but the disease is still there.

You are just a number to the pharmaceutical companies. The reality is, they simply don’t want you to get better because there’s no money in cures; there’s only big money in treatments. As long as they can convince you to stay on their drugs, and on as many of them as possible, they’re happy fat cats. This is an industry that is all about how much money they able to make, and they really don’t care about you as a person or whether or not your health is improving.

These companies really love to work with people who suffer from diabetes, because they know that they can keep this income stream going for years to come. You aren’t getting better from these medications, but with some good marketing and with the help of the doctors you visit, they’ll convince you that this is your best option. You will suffer with bad health for many years to come, and big pharma will continue to make big money as long as they can keep you dependent on their drugs.

The good news is that there are methods you can use to treat diabetes, and they don’t include pills which will make someone else rich for the rest of your life. It will require some work and dedication, but if you stick with it, you can even reverse your diabetes. Of course the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about this; but, if you chose to go with the natural remedies we will discuss for your diabetes, it will cost big pharma thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Being a smart consumer means doing your research, and learning the truth about diabetes and how you can reverse and cure diabetes. These natural alternatives can help you feel better, reverse diabetes, and keep you from wasting your hard-earned money on pills that simply don’t work.