The Lies You Hear About Diabetes

Many of those who suffer from diabetes are told lies, or at least led to believe those lies, about diabetes being a life-long untreatable, debilitating disease. Patients feel they are stuck with it for life and that they’ll never be able to get rid of it. They will have to take prescription drugs without any hope that things will improve. This is just not the happiest news and can really leave you defeated and wondering why you should even try making changes to your lifestyle if nothing will improve?

There are three lies that your doctors, as well as the big pharmaceutical companies, don’t want you to know about. If patients started to know these things and use them, it could really change the amount of money that these two groups make on the millions who suffer from diabetes. The biggest lies that you will hear include:

  • When you develop Type-2 diabetes, you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. No amount of dietary changes, exercise, or even medications, will ever make this go away.
  • You are going to need to start living the life of a diabetic, and this will continue until you die. This means that you will need to take the drugs for diabetes and inject yourself with insulin for the rest of your life.
  • The prescription drugs that your doctor sends you home with are the best, and sometimes considered the only solution to diabetes. If you take these drugs, you are going to live a healthy and happy life. If you should ever stop taking them, you are sure to die early.

The problem these are all fundamental lies. If you continue to keep living the same unhealthy lifestyle that you have enjoyed all these years, yes, you will be stuck with diabetes for life. On the other hand, if you make some changes to your lifestyle and work hard, it is very possible to reverse diabetes. Yes, you can even get rid of the insulin monitoring systems, the testing supplies, and the likes.

In addition, big pharma wants you to become dependent on their drugs. They make a lot of money from diabetic patients and insurance companies, so they want to spread as many lies as possible about their medications to keep you hooked. They will even reward doctors who agree to prescribe their drugs, adding more incentive for the doctor to give you a pill (and keep you on it) rather than help you in a more natural way. These pills often just mask the issue and never really fix the problem. Many times you’ll need to take more medication to overcome the side effects of the initial set of prescriptions…can you see how this is a vicious cycle? Without changing your lifestyle, you could be dependent on these drugs forever, and it could be causing other long-term damages to your body that you didn’t even realize were possible.