Other workouts for diabetes

Other workouts for diabetes

While strength training is considered one of the best workouts to use for reversing diabetes, it is definitely not the only one that you should try. There are many different types of workouts that you can try to help you burn fat, relax, and stretch your muscles. Some of the other workouts that you should try, besides strength training, to help prevent or treat your Type-2 diabetes include:


One of the things that you need to concentrate on when diagnosed with diabetes, in addition to the exercise program and diet plan that we already discussed, is the idea of reducing your stress levels. Stress has some horrible effects on the body and can hinder how well it is going to function. If you want a chance of getting back on track, you need to learn how to effectively manage your stress while providing the body good nutrition and support.

Meditation is a great way to safely deal with your stress levels. It forces you to take a step back from the things that are bothering you and causing stress so that you can focus on the positive things that are going on in your life. You would need only about fifteen minutes a day to complete a meditation, although you can do this several times if you need some extra help with your stress levels. Take a bit of time for yourself in a quiet room, focusing on your breathing, and trying to keep your mind free from all the worries that are bothering you throughout the day (this one can take some time, but just be patient with yourself and it will come), and just learning how to relax.

Over time, you will notice your levels of stress decreasing, and you will feel much better. You can use mini-meditation sessions, such as a few minutes of deep breathing, any time during the day when things go wrong and just the main meditation session, combined with those, will help you to relax and not stress out about so many little things.



In between the cardio and the strength training that you will do to heal and reverse your diabetes you also need to allow some time to work on stretching. The muscles can get worn out from all of the movements and the work you put them through. Stretching is extremely important in preventing injuries during your workouts.

One of the best stretching exercises that you can do is yoga. Yoga includes many poses that you can pick from that will stretch out all the parts of the body from head to toe in a gentle manner. There are moves that work for beginners, as well for those who are more advanced, and you can modify pretty much any of the movements to make them work for your skill level. You should try to do yoga at least few times a week for a few minutes on your off days or after a tough workout to make sure that the muscles heal properly and don’t get torn or injured during this process.


Walking can be a fantastic way to get a workout and to enjoy the weather when it’s nice outside. You can choose to go on a hike, on a walk around the neighborhood, or even use your treadmill to help you keep track of the distance if you would like. The important thing here is to go at a brisk pace for fat burning, but not so fast that you get into a jog or a run and end up doing cardio.

Walking at a leisure pace and enjoying the day can work just as well. You will get the heart rate up a little bit compared to just sitting on the couch all day, and you can instantly lift your mood, burn some fat, and have a more effective way of getting to the store or meet up with your friends and neighbors compared to driving. You can choose the distance that you want to go, either a few blocks when you first get started or a longer hike if you feel up to it, but any amount of time walking is effective, and since it is so safe on the bones and joints, you are doing so much good for the body.


When you are working out for diabetes, the main idea is to burn up the fat, rather than do cardio, so that you can use up the energy that is stored in the body since your cells are not responding to the insulin. Rebounding is a great method of doing this while still getting a great workout.

A rebound is a small trampoline that can help you to get a fun and effective workout. There are many different exercises that you will be able to do on the rebounder, so the exercises will not be boring. They are still low impact and great for fat burning. You can choose to do simple jumps on the rebounder or make it a bit more demanding, such as jumps with waist twists, knee tucks, a jog, marching, sprinting on the spot, kicking, knee lifts, holding onto the weights and more. This is such a simple tool, but since you are able to change the movements, and since it is low impact, it can be the perfect exercise for you to get results.

Adding variety to your workout helps you remain interested in the workout and prevents boredom, which can be your worst enemy when it comes to staying healthy. You just need to find the right workouts that will help to burn up the fat, and not just concentrate on cardio. Cardio can be great and should be included with the rest when it comes to protecting your health, but they should be limited a bit, since the majority of your workouts should focus on stretching, strength training, and the other fat burning options we discussed above.