Foods that help reverse diabetes Part 4


If you are having trouble with getting your blood glucose levels to go the way that they should, it may be time to look and see if you have enough magnesium in the blood. Studies have shown how being deficient in magnesium may have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels. The risk of this type of diabetes can also be reduced in adults, as well as in young adults, who take in enough magnesium. Eating plenty of leafy vegetables and grains can help with that, but you may want to consider taking a magnesium supplement to reduce your risk of diabetes. You may also consider applying magnesium topically by purchasing magnesium flakes and dissolving them in water (aka magnesium oil) then spray this solution topically on your skin. Magnesium can be easily absorbed by your skin using this method. Amazon sells magnesium flakes, just Google for directions on making magnesium oil.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium is a good ingredient to take into your body to help you manage the symptoms and the causes of diabetes. Since chromium picolinate has chromium in it, you may want to consider taking this daily when you want to fight off diabetes in a safe and effective manner. Studies have shown how taking this supplement orally is able to help in so many ways, including lowering your insulin levels and even lowering high your blood sugars during fasting, making it one of the best choices to go with for those who are working on managing their Type-2 diabetes.

Alpha-lipoic acid

Another option that you may want to consider taking is alpha-lipoic acid. This one does go by a few other names and is often shortened to lipoic acid, so if you see this on the store shelves, it is the same thing. There are several studies that have been done which show how this supplement is able to lower your blood sugar levels to more natural numbers. It also has the ability to kill the free radicals in your body, which can help those who are dealing with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, as well as those who are dealing with numbness, tingling, itching, burning, and pain in the extremities because of nerve damage through diabetes.

sThere are several great herbal remedies that you can choose from when it comes to your health and dealing with the diabetes that has held you hostage for so long. The pharmaceutical companies will do everything within their power to make sure that you stay away from these supplements and herbal remedies so that they don’t lose out on money. The natural methods listed in this book are the safest and most natural forms of medication available to you, and often they work much better than the traditional medications that you get from your doctor.