Finding a cure for diabetes

Your doctor is not thinking about what is going wrong with the body when you’re suffering from diabetes. They are only taught to prescribe medications while in medical school. They aren’t allowed to think in terms of treating the root cause of the disease itself because they could be wrong and get in a lot of legal trouble. There are a lot of things that are taking place bio-chemically and physiologically within the body, and when we are address them, it becomes easier to deal with the disease.

Unfortunately, most doctors are told that they need to follow what is known as the “standard of care”. This means that everyone is going to be treated in the same way if they have the same disease. When it comes to being diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes, your standard of care is going to be diabetic drugs (at least one but often times, it’s more than one) as well as insulin. Most diabetics are going to get the exact same treatment, even the same drugs, to “cure” the issue.

In order to treat diabetes, we need to address how the body functions and learn what is happening behind the scene that prevents your body from functioning in the proper manner. When you think of the reason that you are dealing with diabetes, it is easier to see how the pills may not provide the results you need.